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In general: The declaration of personal data protection of this webpage «www.myikona.gr», which belongs in total to the company “Digital Publications Group», describes the method of data collection, which you voluntarily provide to us during your transactions, as well as their use by us.

Personal data administration and protection of the webpage services’ visitor/user are subject to the terms mentioned herein, as well as to the relevant provisions of the Greek legislation, the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and the European law. If you use this webpage you consent and accept this Personal Data Protection Declaration, as well as the terms and conditions of use announced through it.

The aim of personal data processing: Each visitor may freely make a tour to our webpage without providing any personal detail. We will only need personal data when you decide to become a member and proceed in products ordering. The collection procedure is performed to your knowledge and with your consent, so that we can register, process and execute your orders, answer to questions raised, inform you about new or alternative products offered or special offers. It is also possible for us to use your personal data to individualize our offers, to make proposals and advertisements in our website or to develop total and statistical information. The provision, on the user’s part, of personal data means that he gives his consent to our company to use them for all the reasons mentioned above.

Data collected: The user details that may be asked are full name, profession, e-mail, a username, a password, your credit card number, the address to dispatch the order (street, city, postal code) and other similar credentials used for the users’ identification and the approval of their actions or that may be needed to provide you with the products and the services you asked or to contact you. There may be also asked voluntarily certain details such as phone number, fax number, profession.
Certain technical information is also collected, usually as a typical part of our services used by you. Such information includes for instance your IP address, the access hours, the website from which you were connected, the pages you visit, the links you use and such other technical information which your browser provides to us.

Cookies: When you visit our website, information may be registered to your PC, which is usually alphanumeric identifier files in the form of a text file, known as “cookie”. Cookies are saved in the hard disk of your PC and not in the website. They give the possibility of certain information collection, such as your IP address, your PC’s OS, the type of your browser and the address of eventual websites that refer you to our webpage.
Cookies are only used to recognize that you enter in the website, so that you don’t need to enter the password to all pages including data collection, in order to put in new products in your basket in case you don’t complete your transaction in one visit, for the analysis of a website traffic and the anonymous outline of demographic profile. Cookies do not harm the users’ PCs nor the files kept in them and are not informed about any documents or files.
In case you don’t want to receive cookies, or in case you wish to get notified before their installation, you may set your Browser accordingly, if this possibility is available. You are kindly requested to take into consideration that in case the cookies are deactivated, you may not be capable of watching certain parts of this website which may improve your visit’s quality and functionality.

Usage limitations: Eventual personal data declared anywhere in the website’s pages and services are exclusively and solely intended to the operation of the corresponding service. Any detail confirming and declaring the customer’s identity remains strictly confidential, is only controlled by the competent department and no third party is allowed to use it. Our company does not distribute any information concerning the webpage users to no other natural or legal person apart from the company’s co-operator, who mediates for your transactions’ execution and whom the user personally selects. The photos included in your orders are not visible or available to any third parties and the end product is dispatched to you in a safe opaque, closed and sealed package. The data kept in our file may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and according to the each time provisions in force.

Security: Registration and maintenance of personal data is performed in a safe database and all necessary technical and organizational measures are taken for their protection from attacks or Internet piracies. Such measures include, where necessary, the use of firewalls, installations of safe servers, encryption, application of appropriate systems and access rights procedures, careful selection of processors and other reasonable technical and commercial measures for the provision of the appropriate personal data protection against unapproved use, disclosure, change or destruction.
Measures also contribute in confirming that these data are true and are properly used. Your connection is safe as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used. SSL technology is based on a key password for data encryption before being sent via (SSL) connection. Safety control between data and the Server is performed based on the unique key password securing communication in full.
Update, modification or deletion of information: In case you want to know the kind of personal data we dispose for you or if you wish to complete, edit, render anonymous or delete any inadequate, wrong or past personal data or if you want us to stop process your personal data aiming at the dispatch of promotion material or direct sale or conduct of market research, you may contact us to this end. In some cases, especially if you want us to delete your personal data, it is possible for us not to be able to continue providing you with our services.

Objections: Visitors-users of the webpage are entitled to raise objections (including editing) relatively to any eventual personal data kept, which concern them and are subject to process. To this end, they should apply to the company in written ……………….. (name, address, P.C. etc.)

Minors’ data collection: The Company does not aim at collecting information or performing transactions with minors. Our aim is for minors not to proceed in transactions for our products and services without the consent of their parent/-s or their legal guardian. We also make reasonable efforts not to keep in our databases personal data concerning minor users.
Links: In case you were led to our webpage through a link from other websites, we are not responsible for the terms of personal data administration and protection they follow. Moreover, our products or our services may contain links for websites of other companies and services of third parties. We recommend you to read these websites policies about personal data protection for which we also are not responsible.

Modification of protection terms: The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of personal data protection, after informing the visitors-users and always conforming to the Greek, the European and the international legislation in force. We suggest you to control and get informed, from time to time, about eventual modifications in the present protection policy.
Intellectual property rights: This webpage belongs in total to the company “Digital Publications Group». The entire content of the webpage, including pictures, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, rendered services and products constitute the company’s intellectual property and are protected according to the relevant provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international conventions.
Any copy, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, transformation, resale, development of derived work or misleading the public relatively to the real website provider, are prohibited. Any eventual reproduction, re-issue, loading, announcement, promulgation or broadcasting or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes are only permitted after prior written permit by the above legal beneficiary.
Names, pictures, logos and trademarks representing the company, as well as its products and services, are marks and trademarks belonging and remaining in its full ownership and are protected by the Greek, community and international laws concerning trade marks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition. Their appearance in the webpage «www.myikona.gr» or any other webpage does not constitute licensing or right to use them.


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