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If you are looking for a new, attractive, creative and unique way to show off your photos consider, the self-published Photobook. The Photobook is a personalized bound photo album with your photos printed on high quality paper. With a Myikona Photobook it’s easy to put your personality onto every page and cover. Anything goes, so you can make your book your way. With 8 different book sizes to choose from, there’s a MYIKONA PHOTOBOOK for every occasion. You can choose from “Blank Photobooks” or  “Pre-Designed Photobooks”. With “Blank Photobook” every aspect of the design is fully customizable. You can add photos and text, change the cover and the page layout, from hundreds of premade templates or you can create your own layout from the scratch. With “Pre-Designed Photobooks” you can simply choose a theme, upload your photos into the pre-set frames and you’re done! Explore our full range to find the perfect book and then fill the pages with your story.

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