Each book is examined and packed by hand.

The fully automated production mode gives 30 Myikona Photobooks/min.

Independent hard cover is produced by modern machinery

Printed sides are examined in detail for the slightest mistake in colour variations

We have the highest standards for quality assurance

The inner world of a high tech printer

MyikonaLab uses Kodak machinery – high-tech printers

Myikona is one of the largest laboratories in Europe



FANTASY AFTER PHOTOGRAPHY finds its own shelter in Myikona Lab world.

At home or at the office, via Internet and your PC, you get in touch with a brand new feel of colours, a wider range of ideas and an unlimited variety of products.

The first vertically organized production unit of integrated photobooks in Greece is now reality. The beginning of course was made in 1975, when Mr. Ilias Papadopoulos founded the company PHOTOepikera in Thessaloniki. Since then and so far, he and his colleagues tirelessly follow the evolutions in the area of Photography and photo production always being one step ahead.

Myikona Lab: leader in photobook market in Greece

Myikona Lab is the company that in 2009 brought in Greece the 5th colour technology, thus widening colour fields. The colour range and consequently precision, performance quality and advanced technology in photobook, card and calendar production … change their tune for good.

Myikona Lab is the first company in Greece to fully develop infrastructures (webpage – processing programs – production) so that digital photography obtains material substance: perfect photobooks at your place, i.e. excellent photo albums made as real books.

Having printed hundreds of photobooks and having put into practice relief and spot - full UV technologies, Myikona Lab meets all needs of thousands of amateur and professional photographers. Nowadays, by using advanced technologies we can get fantastic results. In other words, we are just … pioneers!

Quality is the key.

We aim at the provision to the market of products of the highest possible quality. We commit ourselves to your satisfaction by every photobook order, so that life memories you choose to keep in there remain live forever.
All machinery printing photobooks as well as all other products are of the latest technology and secure fast printing of excellent quality. Some of the basic principles we conform with are the following:

  • Internal pages are printed in velvet paper 200 gr., for an aesthetically flawless result.
  • Margins of all pages are cut via a totally automated procedure. Covers offer additional toughness, whilst the special ecologic bookbinding glues provide 100% safety to photobooks.
  • Customers receive at their place their own personal photobook within few days from order.